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Tacos etc.

Two Tacos served per order

Mimi’s Fried Chicken & Egg

Flour Tortillas, Scrambled Eggs, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Beer Brined-Buttermilk Soaked; Fried Chicken Thighs, Valentina Butter Sauce, Cilantro 8.00

Chorizo & Egg

Flour Tortillas, Chicken Chorizo Sausage, Scrambled Egg, Salsa Roja, Avocado,
Queso Fresco 7.50


Flour Tortillas, Scrambled Eggs, Seasoned Corn Tortilla Strips, Chopped Bacon, Roasted Poblano Peppers, Miso Grilled Onions,Chihuahua & Cheddar Cheeses, Salsa Roja, Pickled Jalapeno 8.00

Brunch Tostadas

Crisp Fried Corn Tortillas, Pinto Bean Pico, Pork Al Pastor, Red Chili Sauce, Chihuahua Cheese, Pickled Jalapenos, Soft Fried Egg, Queso Fresco, Chili Powder, Pickled Red Onion, Cilantro 9.50

Bacon & Egg Sandwich

Companion Bakery Texas Toast, Muenster & Cheddar Cheeses, 44 STONE Apple Wood Smoked Bacon,
Soft Egg, Avocado 9.50

Avocado Toast

Texas Toast, Guacamole, Radish, Poached Egg, Queso Fresco, Chili Powder   7.00

Add: Bacon 2.50

Natalie’s Bacon & Eggs

44 Stone Apple Smoked Berkshire Bacon, Texas Toast, Two Soft Cooked Eggs, Seasoned Sweet Potato Wedges 8.50

Canteen Slinger

Seasoned Russet Potato Fries, Chicken Chorizo Sausage, Smoked Chile Sauce, Chihuahua Cheese, Two Scrambled Eggs, Valentina Butter Sauce, Queso Fresco, Chopped Cilantro 12.00

Substitute: Pinto Bean Pico NO Upcharge
Add: 8 oz. Seared Angus Beef Patty 5.00

Steak & Huevos Chilaquiles

5 oz. Carne Asada Marinated Sliced Steak, Corn Tortilla Chips, Red Chili Sauce, Chihuahua Cheese, Crema, Cilantro, Two Soft Fried Eggs 14.00

From the Bar


$ 1.00 off Large Draft Pours
$ 1.00 off all Wines by the Glass
$ 1.00 off all Well Drinks

Honey Jalapeno Bloody Mary

House-made Bloody Mary Mix; Tomato, Roasted Jalapenos, Roasted Garlic, Honey, Lime   6.5 (House Vodka)

Try with any Vodka, Tequila or Gin;   2.5

Try with any Vodka, Tequila or Gin; Bloody Mary upcharge is 2.5


with Ruggeri Prosecco and Fresh Orange   5

The Matriarch

Amarula Cream Liquor, Dark Roast Coffee, Vodka, Mole Syrup   8


Bulldog Gin, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Lemon, Tarragon   8


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